Adlis Paintless Dent Repair

car dent removalPerhaps you have recently heard of paintless dent repair, or PDR. And you are wondering what do these phrases actually mean.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR is a specialized technique of removing dents, dings, and creases from the steel and aluminum panels of vehicles. It works exceptionally well on dents caused by hail, acorns, golf balls, baseballs, softballs, stray shopping carriages, stray car doors in parking lots, and non-collision damage that has not cracked the paint. This process has been successfully used all around the world to repair damage on all types of vehicles.

The key to having a good experience using PDR dent removal is finding a local company that employs skilled and experienced technicians. The process or technique requires great skill, patience, and focus to be performed correctly. There are no shortcuts to acquiring this skill. It takes at least three years of full time employment. To master the skill, at least ten years of full time employment is required.

Advantages of Paintless Dent Repairs

PDR Paintless dent repair offers many advantages over traditional bodywork. PDR saves time and money. Using PDR to keep you car dent-free helps your vehicle maintain its value. PDR is also safer for the environment compared to traditional bodywork. Since no harsh or polluting chemicals are used in the process, it can be considered a “green” process.

Time is saved because most repairs can be completed within an hour at location of the client’s choosing. The repairs are completed at a client’s home or office. There is no dropping the vehicle off and waiting in a waiting room. There is no waiting days or weeks to get your car back. PDR does not waste your time in any way if you need to fix a dent.

Money is saved because most repairs are about a quarter of what traditional bodywork would cost. The process is accomplished through great skill, not replacing and repainting panels. PDR helps maintain the value of your car. Because a dent-free car is worth more, and because the factory finish is preserved the car does not depreciate in value from getting repaired. That is why many owners of high end vehicles opt for PDR. As opposed to when traditional bodywork is performed on a car, the telltale signs of overspray, difference in color, and body filler definitely depreciate the value of a vehicle.

Car Dent Removal – How to Fix a Dent without Repainting

How is it actually accomplished? Specialized heat-treated stainless steel tools are used behind the damage on a given panel. Using special lighting systems and reflector boards to “read” the shape and depth of a dent, a technician is able to gently push the metal back to its original position to match the texture of the rest of the panel.

When done correctly by an experienced technician, the dent is completely removed and no longer detectible. The beauty of the repair is that the factory finish is maintained with no color variation. The repair will never be detected when the car is shown, sold, lease returned, or traded in. PDR dent removal works best on newer model cars.

Newer cars are manufactured with the right amount of “flex” in the paint so that when the metal is moved back to its original position the paint will not crack. The results for vintage cars with original paint are limited. The paint on these vintage cars is too fragile and the metal is too thick to get optimal results. However, success has been accomplished with some vintage cars. An experienced PDR tech should be able to inform you of what results to expect on these vehicles.

Since 1997 Adlis Paintless Dent Repair has provided the highest quality PDR to its clients. We have the most skilled and experienced technicians available to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Contact Adlis for an estimate and repair today.