Door Dings and Dents Repair

car door dent removalDoor Dent Repair

One of the best uses of Paintless Dent Repair or Instant Dent removal is repairing door dings and dents.  Have you ever gone shopping and returned to find a golf ball sized dent or ding in one of the doors of your car? These dings and dents were most likely caused by a stray door or shopping carriage hitting your vehicle. It used to be that you would have to live with that damage or spend hundreds of dollars at a body shop to fix these annoying small dings and dents.  Worse yet, after spending all that money, the color may not match perfectly.  In the past most people would choose not to get these dings and dents fixed.

Instant Door Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Repair and Instant  Dent Removal  is the perfect way to repair this type of damage.  These dents  are usually the right size and depth that can be repaired using this process.  An experienced and skilled PDR tech loves these type of repairs.  By percentage, Adlis PDR probably repairs the driver’s door the most out of all the door panels.  It seems that a dent or ding on the driver’s door is the most irritating location for an owner of a car.  Most likely it is because the owner/driver of the car has to look at the dent or ding  each time they enter the car.  Every drive is a reminder of that imperfection in the appearance of their beautiful car.  Of course, it can be annoying when there is a dent or ding on any panel on a person’s car.  So the process of Paintless Door Dent Repair works great on all the doors of a vehicle: the driver’s door, the driver’s side rear door, the passenger’s front door, and the passenger’s rear door.  Once these dents and dings are removed, the owner/driver will have one less thing in their life to annoy them.  And just as important, the value and factory finish of the vehicle is maintained.

Car Door Dent Removal

What is great about Paintless Door Dent Removal is that these repairs can be made at your home or office.  Our mobile or on-site service saves you the trouble of dropping your vehicle off or wasting time in a waiting room.  Our mobile on-site service saves you from traveling to a repair shop and waiting.  We schedule appointments at a time that is convenient for you.  Maybe that is while you are at work, we arrive and have you point out the dent or ding you want repaired and when we are finished repairing the dent or ding we have you inspect the results.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Because of our  17 years of experience, we can tell you exactly what to expect for results.  Some dents and dings can be repaired 100%.  Other dents and dings can be greatly improved to the point that it is very difficult to detect where the dent or ding was.  We always explain what end result to expect.  And we never charge for any repairs that do not meet those expectations.  At Adlis PDR we are not trying to make a quick buck, our goal is to create customers for life.  Contact us today for an estimate and repair appointment.