Why Choose Adlis Paintless Dent Removal Boston, MA

You may have noticed that there are a number of companies that offer car dent removal in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. So the question arises, “How does a car owner find the best company to fix a dent?”

Fortunately, there are some very good companies offering this service in New England. And although the competition is high in this market, we choose not to write anything negative about my competition.  Rather we want to direct you to the great reasons you should choose Adlis Paintless Dents Removal to keep your car dent-free! Here’s how we’re different:

Car Dents Removal Experience Dating Back To 1995

The first important thing to consider is experience. PDR dent removal is a skill. Technology is not what removes the dent in this process.  Magnets are not used.  Each dent is removed through the skill of gently pushing specialized heat treated stainless steel tools behind the damaged panel.

The dent is removed by pinpointing exact pressure points starting at the perimeter of the dent and eventually working towards the center of the dent. This requires dent remover to have ability of knowing with certainty the specific location of the tool as the damage is removed. The entire process is actually quite simple and difficult at the same time.

A common reaction for someone watching an experienced PDR dent removers fixing a dent is, “Wow that looks easy!  I bet I could do that.” However, the truth is this process looks easy only when a skilled and experienced PDR tech is performing the repair. By experienced, we mean at least three years of performing PDR full time.

The skill requires great patience and focus. Many people attempt to learn this skill and within six months they give up. The skill is difficult to learn and develop. That is why there are not many PDR techs in Boston Massachusetts and other parts of New England. Ideally, we would suggest finding a technician that has at least ten years of experience. If someone has devoted has devoted ten years to this skill full time it is very likely that they have mastered the ability to impress you with the results. Please note,  Massachusetts auto insurance companies usually do not cover painless dent removal.

An experienced technician also can explain what results to expect. This is important in estimating the cost of the repair. Obviously, experience is crucial to successful automobile dent removal. At Adlis, as the owner of the company I have experience in paintless dental removal dating back to 1995. And so we have the market cornered in this important department.